Pilgrimage Mass

The music for the Pilgrimage Mass is
deal for music groups, schools and
churches where everyone sings!

The Sheet Music for this new Mass setting is now
available to purchase as a Digital Download
in the Shop and and the
Demonstration Audio files
are freely available here on this page.

They were recorded with 2 Cantors, Keyboard,
Guitar, Violin & Clarinet.
To listen to Demonstration Audio files
click on a title to hear the music
Lindisfarne Kyrie
Magdala Gloria
Assisi Sanctus
Acclamation 1 – We proclaim your Death, O Lord

Acclamation 2 – When we eat this Bread
Acclamation 3 – Save us, Saviour of the world
Jerusalem Agnus Dei

This Digital Download contains the
Sheet Music for Melody & Chords, Keyboard, (26 pages)
and 2 Solo Instruments in C and B flat with a Full Score. (46 pages)

Click on this Sample Page of Sheet Music to enlarge it

Lindisfarne Kyrie – Full score page 1 sample music

The complete Digital Downloads
of the Pilgrimage Mass
Total 72 pages
for Melody/Chords, Keyboard,
2 Solo Instruments in C and B flat
and a Full Score
are available to purchase NOW in the SHOP

All downloaded PDF files may be copied
for use
ONLY in your school or parish.

If you already sing the Mass of St Luke, Evangelist
then the Pilgrimage Mass will be a useful and
enjoyable addition to your repertoire