Pilgrimage and Mission June 2015

road to Slipper Chapel
Road to Slipper Chapel (photo: Trudy Beharry)

The theme of this year’s pilgrimage from Northampton Diocese to Walsingham was Mary. Woman of Silence. There was little time for silence for the musicians except when Bishop Peter invited everyone to be silent for a minute during the Mass. That was a very prayerful moment.

The singers and instrumentalists came from Bedford, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough and joined with others from St Aidan’s, St Gregory’s and the Cathedral Choir in Northampton to lead the singing in the Reconciliation Chapel.
Walsingham musiciansMusic List here
Walsingham 2015

These fantastic musicians all understand music as a ministry, and they led the singing at the two services very beautifully. It made all the preparations and rehearsals worthwhile!

Having been to Walsingham many times over the years, there are now signs that Something Big is happening in Walsingham, with plans for a new retreat centre, Conference centre and a Catholic Media hub as well as completing the restoration of the Slipper Chapel Shrine, all within the next three years. Details here www.walsinghamdevelopment.org

Changes have already begun, and the Holy Ghost Chapel looks completely different now. For the sake of nostalgia, this is what is used to be like.

Holy Ghost Chapel Walsingham
Holy Ghost chapel Walsingham 2014

Perhaps for health and safety reasons, all the candles that used to be lit in this part of the shrine are now reduced down to one candlestand.

Candlestand Walsingham 2015 (photo: Trudy Beharry)

Next, in Northampton, the Sion Community are leading a mission at Sacred Heart Church. The mission theme is ‘I have called you by your name’ and the music will be led by Gerry Markland, who wrote the song ‘Do not be afraid…. for I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name, you are mine.’

Details of the evening services are here Sacred Heart Parish Mission services