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FILLING IN THE SANDWICH        (The Four Hymn Sandwich)

Filling sandwich
This Is an easy way of teaching parish musicians the musical priorities when choosing music for mass.
It is based on three Musical diets – the Basic Staple Diet, the Balanced Healthy Diet and the Festive Celebration Diet.

With the new translation of the Roman Missal three years ago, and the transition period from old to new Mass settings now over at Pentecost 2014, some parish musicians still need help to choose music and to be reminded of the musical priorities for singing at Mass. ‘Filling in the Sandwich’ is based on ‘Singing the Mass’ by the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales. The idea of Basic, Balanced and Festive musical diets gives a framework for learning in parishes, whatever their resources. It is works for a small group of singers as well as for a choir and/or a music group.

An Overview of the Basic, Balanced and Festive musical diets MUSIC-3-Musical-DIETS-Filling-in-the-Sandwich
Click on the picture to view these three musical diets
Or download them in PDF format here  Musical DIETS Filling in the Sandwich

Putting it into practice
As a model for learning new music, these musical diets are simple to follow. The choice of Mass settings has grown in the past three years,  and recommendations can be sought from most Diocesan Liturgy Committees, the SSG, and neighbouring parishes in your pastoral area. The Missal Tone is recommended as common repertoire for the Acclamations and the Lamb of God, and can be sung unaccompanied. Other settings with accompaniment should be  chosen to complement the skills of the musicians in the parish, who will then introduce the music to the parish assembly.

Planning ahead
In preparation for the various festive seasons of the year – Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Pentecost/First Holy Communion & Confirmation – advice on how to run a workshop or series of workshops based on these musical diets  is now available. Send for further details from Devine Music via the Contact page of this website.