Music Concerts

3 June concert L

Sunday 3rd June  2018 at 5.00pm

Violinist Teresa Brown plays
music from In Search of Peace

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 
147-155 Kettering Road
Northampton NN1 4BS

All welcome – Admission free

In Search of Peace faith concerts are a simple way of combining violin music together with the stories about how and why they were written, and encouraging people to listen and reflect on the need for peace in the world and in our lives.

Faith concert BedfordRecent In Search of Peace concerts have been held here:
Poster for Bedford concert and
In Search of Peace Wellingborough.

Comment from a recent In Search of Peace concert:
“Thank you so much for last night’s event in Wellingborough. It touched me deeply. For some time I have felt overwhelmed by the tragedy we hear each day on the new; ISIS, Ebola, Gaza, Syria, child exploitation, national separatism, poverty, problems in the NHS, the list seems endless. The stories are too painful to bear.
Your gathering last night was balm. It provided time to be soothed, to reflect and get things into proportion. Thank you. Let’s have more opportunities like that.” S. Villette

The title In Search of Peace comes from a visit to Jerusalem in the year 2000, at the start of the intifada, the latest Middle East crisis. The seeds of a musical idea were sown during a visit to Haifa, on a co-existence walk through the streets there, during a festival.

The idea was to reach out through peaceful music, performed with backing tracks in a variety of venues, and to encourage people to search for peace for themselves, their neighbours and the world. It took three years for Teresa to finish writing the music and record the CD. isopeacecd

“I would be really pleased if this music helped people in countries all over the world to reflect, pray and meditate on the need for peace in our time.”

Since 2003, the music has been performed at concerts in venues from Birmingham to Beaconsfield and from Taunton to Walsingham, and the CDs have been played in countries all over the world.

Faith concert Ps 85The need to pray for peace in the world, especially in the countries of the Middle East, has never gone away, and so these faith concerts have continued.

When Pope Francis calls  us to be “Spirit-filled evangelisers” in The Joy of the Gospel, it is a challenge to think about how to leave a legacy of our faith to other people.  As part of Proclaim ’15 we are all called to “go out to the whole world and proclaim” our faith with confidence, and to pray for the courage to witness to the Joy of the Gospel by our wiords and actions. These concerts are just one example of how a musician can do that. They are also ideal for inviting friends who don’t often visit the church to enjoy an informal concert of music with some stories of faith.

 The most recent faith concert was held at St Joseph’s Church, Bedford, 3 Roses the church which contains the Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

To book an ‘In Search of Peace’ concert, or if any other musicians want to begin to share their own music and faith in their parish ‘in concert’, please email Teresa via the Devine Music Contact page